Just my thoughts

Feel good today.  God is wonderful in my life.  Despite challenges in my life, I continue to conquer each one.  When I got help to stop drinking, the advise said is Take One Day at a TIME.  I do this ever day.  I compartmentalize my subjects, ideas, chores, thoughts, etc.

Growing up I was taught not to express my feelings.  It’s been a chore to get over this.  I am glad to say that I am free!  I take responsibility for my entire life. Even with heartache and pain.  Despite my current situation of downcast, I will continue on my journey knowing something ahead is well worth the wait.  What about you?

Paying it Forward

Today I write because yesterday 6/15/18, a Friday, I was too exhausted to write.  But today I wish to share a story.

A friend, whom cut herself, had to get to the hospital.  After she called many people, no one stepped up due to the ego.  Thus, as a Christian I decided to do what Jesus would do and help a friend in need without any judgments.  I live for God and life is all about Him, thus doing what Jesus would do, I brought her to a hospital, stayed and helped through a depressing thing.  It is not for me or you or anyone to Judge any person.  Jesus loves unconditionally.  No Conditions!  Open arms.

Being an empath, I had to go to my place and clear my toxic energy as it was not well.  If you know someone in need, would you help them and throw away the ego?  As the two angels helped me the other day, it was my way of helping someone else and paying it forward.  I let go of my ego and just did what was right in the eyes of Jesus.

May you all be blessed for reading this.  Tarot by ceclia_2018

Good People In America

Let me start out by saying that over the past ten years I have blogged and been hacked more than  once.  Those who choose to follow me know who I am.  At any rate, this is how my day started today.  Up at am with hardly any sleep.  Then Off to a place to feed my cats because where I am at I am not allowed to have them.  On the way back to my location where it originated, our truck just literally DIED.  He was driving it, and there was nothing we could do, and with no job, no home to call of my own, we just started walking.  We grabbed anything of value thinking that someone would steal the truck or take everything we had in it out.  My faith was strong, but not as strong as I should have let it be.  As a christian couple, we put our faith in HIM.  After walking awhile, a nice van with two men asked if we needed a ride.  Gratefully we took it, and off we went to a location that is not my own.  Now it reminds me so much of the way America is going to be great again, somehow.  I have to believe this.  Since 2015, and almost having my Master’s degree ten years after raising my daughter as a single mom, I have been homeless, helpless, lost, depressed and just lost my faith until TODAY.  There is someone out there over this internet far worse off than I am.  I am waiting patiently until God tells me what to do next, or for someone or some company to offer me a great job.  I have worked many jobs but for odd reasons not been able to stay long.  Its as if the unknown is more attracted to me than the “known.”  I will be praying for everyone across America, each day I get up because those two men were our Angels today and with tears in my eyes, if I could pay them back, it’s all I can to do pay it forward when I am able to.  May you all be blessed for reading my story.  Jackie Paulson @ 2018 6/14/2018, do not use my words or this blog for your selfish reasons.  I have a right to protect my words.