Out with the Old In with the New

modern day classroom with computersnew tvcomputer newnew classroom

OLD TV.jpg

Do you remember?

Old TV  and NEW TV?

OLD Classroom  and New Classroom?

OLD Telephone and New Cell Phones?

I sure do!  Maybe it’s my age.  It’s now wonder Innovation is such a great time saver in 2018.  I am so happy modern technology helps us all remember that we Love IT today compared to the old ways!!

Happy Father’s Day 2018

I live in USA, IL, and it has to be the hottest day I can remember on this Father’s Day.  I am not feeling well, but wanted to share my thoughts.  I have a major paper due for College tonight, in reality I cannot wait to hand it in.  I am in my Master’s Degree for HRM.   Than I have a huge final due.  I am exhausted, stressed.  I will conqueror this.  I am a women and tend to worry more than I should.  I will give it to God and bless my life by relaxing for once.  I pray that all who stop here are blessed.

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