Homeless for the Holidays

cropped-bookblog-header1.jpgJust a rant….for everyone who has the chance to read this.  If you are homeless for the holidays…donate your time and talents.  There is Veterans, Home of the Sparrow, Churches and many other sources to cheer you up.

Never give up prayers or your type of faith!  Keep going forward.

  • Jobless?  Keep on looking, forward thinking, go to the library.  I don’t think you got into the homeless situation because it’s WHAT YOU WANTED!
  • Life happens and some lose a job, quit a job, got laid off or chose to retire.
  • Go into businesses tell them you are in a jobless, homeless situation trying to work your way OUT!
  • Who cares what the world thinks, keep POSITIVE!
  • If others chose to stop being your friend, you WILL MAKE NEW ONES!
  • If family turns you away, run fast and never look back!
  • Life is not always fair, but God will give you this lesson to help others!


Just my thoughts

Feel good today.  God is wonderful in my life.  Despite challenges in my life, I continue to conquer each one.  When I got help to stop drinking, the advise said is Take One Day at a TIME.  I do this ever day.  I compartmentalize my subjects, ideas, chores, thoughts, etc.

Growing up I was taught not to express my feelings.  It’s been a chore to get over this.  I am glad to say that I am free!  I take responsibility for my entire life. Even with heartache and pain.  Despite my current situation of downcast, I will continue on my journey knowing something ahead is well worth the wait.  What about you?

Out with the Old In with the New

modern day classroom with computersnew tvcomputer newnew classroom

OLD TV.jpg

Do you remember?

Old TV  and NEW TV?

OLD Classroom  and New Classroom?

OLD Telephone and New Cell Phones?

I sure do!  Maybe it’s my age.  It’s now wonder Innovation is such a great time saver in 2018.  I am so happy modern technology helps us all remember that we Love IT today compared to the old ways!!

Obsessive about Cleaning

I do not know about you, but I am obsessive about cleaning.  I am obsessive when I use cleaning materials.  I love the micro fiber towels.  I love the different colors.  I use different colors to clean different areas.

The other day I took a 1.00 fan and from a garage sale, box box fan…I took it apart and cleaned it and already friends think it’s NEW.

I am obsessive about Organizing anything.  I love to keep utensils in the place properly in the kitchen.  Over flow items…need to go elsewhere.

Oh how it bugs me to have bad cutting knives!  If I want to cut a piece of meat, then I have to get new knives…any suggestions?

I vacuum every day!  And every single day, I get “this that and the other thing” found inside to vacuum, the kind you empty and see what you are throwing away, this makes me feel good because all of those pieces of garbage go exactly where they belong, in the garbage.

I am obsessive about researching and keeping important information, and ONE NOTE is the only place I put them.  It’s is the best thing next to a nice slice of fresh bread!  In college I have tabs for classes, notes, chapters, key terms, and so much more and I get to color code them!

What I hate to do is clean and organize for my spouse because over the years, he expects me to do it.  So he cooks, I clean, makes sense right?  NO!  He messes up the stove and everything he touches!  I feel like I am in a zoo!  Cleaning everything top to bottom, which is more work for me!

I do not separate clothes when I wash them!  SO how do you do that?  Wash whites separate from sheets, to socks, and what have you?  How unimportant it is to do this.

I tell ya world, if you lost everything like I have 3x, you learn to be a minimalist and learn to live without.  The best part is my bills are 300.00 a month and that is good considering when I get my master Degree in HRM generalist in 2019….I already have a plan for that too!


Obsessed with Pens

I have a huge collection of pens of all sorts, sized, and colors.  Fine Point and Think Point.  I have to STOP buying them!

I have a huge obsession with BOOKS.  My obsession started years ago when I lost all my books in a house fire.  At first I was bummed out to lose over 1000 books!  I even got an reader a KINDLE FIRE.  Well, that did not fix me.  I am still obsessed with true stories, true crime, like NCIS, CSI, Numbe3rs, Criminal Minds, and even Supernatural.

I also had a collection of Titanic books, old and new.   I am obsessed with the real story.

Now I am on a kick, to read one author and all the books they write…for example right now I am reading Iris JoHansen series.

BUT, I am also in College.

1st I got my AA in Paralegal in IL

2nd got my BA in Technical management

3rd I am working and half way done with my Master’s in Human Resources Generalist

I have been in college for ten years.  I raised my daughter 1st as a single mom.  My hubby walked out on us when she was 1.5 years old.  Going back to college is my passion and finishing is my passion.

So with all that said, I do college most of my free time.   On my spare time I spend with my two cats and or reading.  Here and there I get to watch Netflix movies.

What do you like to do on your FREE TIME?

Jackie Paulson

WordPress says Good-Bye?

WordPress Photo Challenge is gone!  I cannot believe this.  I have been blogging for atleast ten years.  I loved this challenge.  I hope WordPress has other challenges or does something!

What to write about?

Well, as a Christian women I wish to say that I believe in God.  I am a college student and I will probably write more about my college classes.  I am taking Marketing Management and this  author is Phillip Kotler.  I will write more as I am in class, which starts the first week of July.

I look forward to sharing with all of you my College knowledge as I continue to study.

Happy Memorial Day


This weekend lets remember all those who serve or have served our COUNTRY AMEN TO THAT.

Here are photo’s for getting ready for celebration. Cleaned out the GRILL to COOK OUTSIDE!!  Such Beauty…..What are you doing?

Dead Cold – Book Review REBLOG


Author name: Jennifer Chase

Name of the book: Dead Cold

Genre of the book: crime, thriller, suspense, mystery, police procedural, action,

Book synopsis: What happens when one California community has a disturbing spike in homicides? It catapults cops into a deadly game of murder. Frozen human body parts hideously displayed at the crime scenes offers a horrifying interpretation that only a sadistic serial killer could design—and execute.

On the hunt for a complex serial killer, vigilante detective Emily Stone must face her most daring case yet. Stone’s proven top-notch profiling skills and forensic expertise may not be enough this time.

Young and ambitious, Detective Danny Starr catches the homicide cases and discovers that it will test everything he knows about police work and the criminal mind. Can he handle these escalating cases or will the police department have to call in reinforcements—the FBI.

Emily Stone’s covert team pushes with extreme urgency to unravel the grisly clues, while keeping their identities hidden from the police. With one last-ditch effort, Stone dangles someone she loves as bait to draw out the killer. She then forces the killer out of their comfort zone with her partner Rick Lopez, and with help from a longtime friend Jordan Smith. A revelation of the serial killer’s identity leaves the team with volatile emotions that could destroy them.

The killer continues to taunt and expertly manipulate the police, as well as Stone’s team, and as they run out of time—they leave behind everyone and everything—in Dead Cold.


Book review: Jennifer Chase’s Dead Cold is the sixth of her Emily Stone thrillers, with a seventh in the pipeline. Emily and her partner, Rick Lopez, are ex law enforcement officers who’ve decided that rather than deal with the humdrum of everyday law enforcement, with its highs and lows — thrills and spills one minute, acute boredom the next — they’d ditch the routine and become 24/7 thrill-a-minute good guys, superheroes almost, tracking down villains, solving crimes, leaving the local cops to claim the glory of yet another mysteriously solved felony.

In this episode, a Californian community is beset by a disturbing spike in gruesome homicides. There’s a serial killer out there who not only ensnares and tortures victims, but cuts them into neat sections and displays them in a macabre formation for all to see. The local police are flummoxed, with Detective Danny Starr doing his best, but being thwarted at every turn by one of the cleverest killers he has ever come across. Enter Emily Stone and her partner, Rick, and this time they enlist the assistance of a friend, Jordan. Together the intrepid trio sets out to track down the killer. And this time it’s easier said than done.

Dead Cold is not for those with weak hearts or nervous dispositions. Every page will have your heart pumping so much you’ll feel like you’re running a marathon. The story gets off to a cracking start in the prologue with high-speed action from the first line. Jennifer Chase introduces us to real, three-dimensional characters, those with whom you can empathize, those you can love, hate, root for. Chapters aren’t numbered but rather they are headed with a date and time, a device which helps to keep up the frenetic pace throughout the story. The writing is visual so, as you flip through the pages, it will feel like you’re watching a movie and as the story is multi-layered, you won’t lose interest.

The concept itself is unique. Most American thrillers involve police officers, FBI agents, spies, or private detectives, not people working clandestinely and happy to allow regular law enforcers to take all the credit. So, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, put on your seat belt and start reading. When you get to the end, if you’re not already familiar with this author’s work, you’ll be taking note of her name and reaching for another Emily Stone adventure.

via Dead Cold – Book Review