Covid-19 Thoughts

I have been off work since March 20th 2020.  At the current time I am a cosmetologist.  I love what I do.  I was part of a team to set up all the new required safety and sanitation measures yesterday.  I have to admit I am so nervous.  Not about getting Covid-19 but all the changes in the industry.  We are neat freaks and clean freaks already but with the Covid-19 changes we all have MORE TO DO!  No more typical day at the salons!  I pray that clients who want a haircut understand that there will be glitches as we adjust to the new surroundings.  I have done all my studying and taken the Barbicide course to be able to answer questions.  We also have to know and learned about domestic violence signs.  The lasted article said that if any women has a dot in the middle of their hand, it is a silent cry for help as she is being abused.  It is a good thing our stylists are seasoned in cutting hair and have many years of experience!  Even with that said, I am a little nervous getting back to work as the economy gets back on its feet.  I want to thank all those in the FRONT LINES for all of their hard work and dedication as this Covid-19 spread.  I want to thank our Military for their services as well.  Happy Memorial Day to ALL.