Homeless for the Holidays

cropped-bookblog-header1.jpgJust a rant….for everyone who has the chance to read this.  If you are homeless for the holidays…donate your time and talents.  There is Veterans, Home of the Sparrow, Churches and many other sources to cheer you up.

Never give up prayers or your type of faith!  Keep going forward.

  • Jobless?  Keep on looking, forward thinking, go to the library.  I don’t think you got into the homeless situation because it’s WHAT YOU WANTED!
  • Life happens and some lose a job, quit a job, got laid off or chose to retire.
  • Go into businesses tell them you are in a jobless, homeless situation trying to work your way OUT!
  • Who cares what the world thinks, keep POSITIVE!
  • If others chose to stop being your friend, you WILL MAKE NEW ONES!
  • If family turns you away, run fast and never look back!
  • Life is not always fair, but God will give you this lesson to help others!


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