Obsessive about Cleaning

I do not know about you, but I am obsessive about cleaning.  I am obsessive when I use cleaning materials.  I love the micro fiber towels.  I love the different colors.  I use different colors to clean different areas.

The other day I took a 1.00 fan and from a garage sale, box box fan…I took it apart and cleaned it and already friends think it’s NEW.

I am obsessive about Organizing anything.  I love to keep utensils in the place properly in the kitchen.  Over flow items…need to go elsewhere.

Oh how it bugs me to have bad cutting knives!  If I want to cut a piece of meat, then I have to get new knives…any suggestions?

I vacuum every day!  And every single day, I get “this that and the other thing” found inside to vacuum, the kind you empty and see what you are throwing away, this makes me feel good because all of those pieces of garbage go exactly where they belong, in the garbage.

I am obsessive about researching and keeping important information, and ONE NOTE is the only place I put them.  It’s is the best thing next to a nice slice of fresh bread!  In college I have tabs for classes, notes, chapters, key terms, and so much more and I get to color code them!

What I hate to do is clean and organize for my spouse because over the years, he expects me to do it.  So he cooks, I clean, makes sense right?  NO!  He messes up the stove and everything he touches!  I feel like I am in a zoo!  Cleaning everything top to bottom, which is more work for me!

I do not separate clothes when I wash them!  SO how do you do that?  Wash whites separate from sheets, to socks, and what have you?  How unimportant it is to do this.

I tell ya world, if you lost everything like I have 3x, you learn to be a minimalist and learn to live without.  The best part is my bills are 300.00 a month and that is good considering when I get my master Degree in HRM generalist in 2019….I already have a plan for that too!