Greetings and welcome to Day Five of the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

Your visitors are coming to your website to learn from you. So, teach them something!

A great way to teach them is to write a blog post such as,:

“A step by step guide to _____” and then outline something that you do.

It could be steps to find a new recipe, or it could be a recipe. You might want to describe the steps you use to get your kids out of bed in the morning. It could be a list of steps to help you manage your daily tasks at work. Maybe you want to share the process you use to select your travel destination!

Whatever it is, teach it!

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Be Well.
Paul B. Taubman, II

How to stop caring about what others think about you.

The reason I chose this topic is that I see society judging others for the way they look.  I have a chronic face condition that others see me “different” than normal people.  What is amazing is that It does not allow me to get certain jobs in America. What I did was learn about my visible dis order, and know that no one can change me or my intelligence.  So what I have been doing is living to others expectations of me.  I no longer do this.  In my younger years I use to care about what others thought of me.   In my older years I just figure that those lucky to know me are just that LUCKY.  I choose to live authentically, and make few friends that mean the world to me.  That is what I have to say today.