Paying it Forward

Today I write because yesterday 6/15/18, a Friday, I was too exhausted to write.  But today I wish to share a story.

A friend, whom cut herself, had to get to the hospital.  After she called many people, no one stepped up due to the ego.  Thus, as a Christian I decided to do what Jesus would do and help a friend in need without any judgments.  I live for God and life is all about Him, thus doing what Jesus would do, I brought her to a hospital, stayed and helped through a depressing thing.  It is not for me or you or anyone to Judge any person.  Jesus loves unconditionally.  No Conditions!  Open arms.

Being an empath, I had to go to my place and clear my toxic energy as it was not well.  If you know someone in need, would you help them and throw away the ego?  As the two angels helped me the other day, it was my way of helping someone else and paying it forward.  I let go of my ego and just did what was right in the eyes of Jesus.

May you all be blessed for reading this.  Tarot by ceclia_2018


3 thoughts on “Paying it Forward

  1. Thank you. It’s sad how few people would be willing to help out in a situation like this and I don’t understand why. If it was my child in your friend’s situation and I wasn’t close enough to help, I pray that someone like you would be there for her. Continue being the light. 🙂

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